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Active Shooter Response Kit

          The GSR Active Shooter Response Kit contains the necessary products to allow the individual to treat injuries to themselves or others injured in an active shooter or other mass casualty event. 

          The kit provides the added advantage to first responders who's individual kits would be depleted in a mass casualty event. In todays world depending on someone else to facilitate your rescue when there are potentially large numbers of casualties is a risk you can't afford to take. Keep this kit in your home, your car, your office desk or any other place where it can be easily accessed in a moments notice. The kit can increase your survival chances dramatically beyond that of your basic first aid kit. 

1.Active shooter bag 

3.EMT Scissors

4.CPR Mask


6.Sharpie Marker

7.Steri-strips wound closure

8.Gloves 2 pair


10.5x9 Abdominal Pad

11.Nasopharyngeal Airway 28FR

13.Sterile Gauze roll

14.Irrigation syringe

15.Pepper spray

16.Rechargeable Stun gun

17.Assisted opening rescue knife


Active Shooter Response Kit

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